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Department of Criminal Law

The most important goal of this program is to equip students with grounding knowledge about the society, the current legal system, and specialized skills relating to Criminal Law in order to deal with simple legal issues. Therefore, besides the compulsory subjects, the program also includes a variety of optional subjects that totally depends on the learners’ future career orientation. Criminal Law program not only attracts students  interesting and interesting subjects, but also offers a team of highly qualified lecturers who are passionate about their profession and more than willing to help the students with their study.

Specialized subjects of this program include Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Code, Criminology, Judicial Psychology, Criminal Investigation Science, Theory of Judging, Implementing, and Specialized Skills for Courts’ Secretaries, etc.

The Civil Law program orients students towards in-depth study in Criminal Law. Graduates of this program can work in the People’s Courts of Vietnam, the People’s Procuracy of Vietnam and other state agencies, as well as law firms or companies.