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Department of International Business Law

In the context of globalization, Vietnam became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and opened up the education market. Therefore, improving the quality of education is one of the most urgent tasks of the whole society, including Ton Duc Thang University in general and the Faculty of Law in particular. The key objective of the International Business Law program is to train the students to develop professional knowledge and ethical behaviors comprehensively to meet the requirements of employers nowadays in the period of globalization. Students in International Business Law program will acquire professional knowledge and the ability to apply knowledge in practice, as well as a good command of foreign language so as to work in an international environment.

Specialized subjects of this program include International Trade Law, International Law, Law of the WTO, Law on Trade Defense Instruments, International Payments, Law of the Sea, Dispute Resolution in International Trading and WTO, International Trading Customs, Maritime Law and Maritime Transport, Skills for Drafting International Goods-Selling Contracts; Law on International Conflict Resolution, International Law on Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

International Business Law program provides highly qualified human resource that is capable of applying legal knowledge to practical situations and meet the requirements of the employers in a globalized economy market. Bachelor of Laws in International Business Law can confidently undertake the tasks relating to the major. Graduates of this program can work in international law firms, law companies, as well as legal department of international corporations, or international arbitration centers, and international mediation centers, etc.